Links page are a team of people, who have many years experience, both personally and professionally in the field of decriminalised parking enforcement. We are not biased in favour of the Local Authorities or the individual. However we do believe, that each and every motorist who receives an unfairly or illegally issued Penalty Charge Notice or Fixed Penalty Charge, should have information to hand, that will enable them to challenge that ticket.Growing evidence suggests that there are many unscrupulous Parking Attendants that will blatantly ignore the rules and issue incorrect Penalty Charge Notices.

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The London Parking and Traffic Appeals Service is the independent organisation set up to consider motorists' appeals that have not been resolved by councils. It fully explains the service it provides and how to make an appeal. It also has reports of 'Key Cases' it has considered - very useful!

The National Parking Appeals Service is the independent appeals service that deals with cases from outside London.

If you have an empty garage or driveway near a station or the Congestion Charging Zone you could make some money by renting it out through this site. If you need a space, this is the first place to look! 247Parking

If you ever park your car at an airport check out this site first - it could save you a small fortune! You can pre book airport parking at all UK airports and get advance booking discounts. You will pay through the nose for airport parking if you do not reserve your parking in advance!

The most comprehensive guide to motorcycle and scooter parking.

TAPP (Traders against Parking Persecution) was set-up by the Brighton Business Community, and a recent rally was successful in gaining much TV and Press coverage. Ironically, the local council have accused them of bullying tactics!

Dundee city council has introduced a CPZ in Menzieshill, outside the Ninewells Hospital. Not all the residents are happy about it. This site is a forum for their complaints.

The council's gone mad website was central to the campaign that forced the London Borough of Hillingdon to abandon its plans for CPZs in the borough. If your council 'has gone mad' you should check this site out!

This site is keen to look at all examples where the course of justice has been perverted or distorted in relation to parking law. All submissions will be treated in the strictest confidence, we are assured.

A website set-up to co-ordinate opposition to congestion charging in London. It has a busy forum, news, press cuttings and a petition. An interesting and colourful site.

While there are no lack of protest sites, this one is actually pro the congestion charge, claiming to represent the silent majority!

The Association of British Drivers campaigns for drivers' rights and is particularly concerned about the growth in speed cameras. It sees improvement in safety linked to improved standards of driving and better training and not by stricter enforcement of speed limits.

This site specialises in the growing controversy regarding speed cameras.

Championing the cause of the beleaguered motorist, Angle Grinder Man, the self-styled clamp-removal vigilante, flys around in a blue and gold cape with his power tool at the ready. Sparks fly and cars are set free. Crazy at it might sound, this guy is for real, and is gaining worldwide publicity. But is he a Superhero or a Fruitcake? Moreover, how long will it be before someone sets him up and prosecutes?

The British Parking Association have produced a code of conduct for Clamping. Unfortunately it promises no early resolution to the question of 'cowboy' clampers. Clamping code of conduct

And something else we seem to hear a lot more about these days...

Another road rage site.

Parking Pal is the New York equivalent to this site. Take a look before considering driving in New York. Site owner, Louis Camporeale, has also produced a book "The New York City Motorists' Parking Survival Guide" - essential reading before you go.

The IAM (Institiute of Advanced Motorists) are the UK's largest charitable and independent Road Safety Organisation dedicated to enhancing driving and riding standards on UK roads through the administration of the Advanced Driving Test. Are you a Good Driver?

Bolide, the only online magazine dedicated to Classic Cars and Motorsport.

Speed Matters

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